5 main factors that make a bad company logo

So you have a new start up and are launching your product & logo pretty soon; you obviously are excited about it as are your customers. You launch your logo but sooner or later, you realize that it hasn’t worked the way you expected it to or the impact that it has created is a negative one. It’s no rocket science to understand that this is what most logo designers’ fear.This article helps you differentiate between the good & the bad logos and gives you an insight into what makes it a bad one, according to the experienced logo designers in Mumbai.

1.The complexity of the design-

Well, while we are at it, this even includes the simplicity of the design. Don’t get me wrong, having a simplistic design is good and works for the company but a logo doesn’t do much if it is too simple or too complex.

2.Using Raster images-

A logo is technical in so many ways so making the use of raster images is one of the worst mistakes that can be made while designing one. You will notice all the logo designers in Mumbai using vector images as they reproduce well as compared to raster images and your logo remains pixel free.

3.Stock images-

Stock images or photographs are licensed images that are approved to use by the users for other purposes. Now a lot of amateur companies make use of stock images as they feel that it saves time and money. Even though there’s nothing wrong with using stock art, it is always advisable not to use it especially in the logos as the thing with stock images is that they are used by anyone & everyone in a lot of things, including other company logos.

4.Singular colors-

Simplicity goes a long way and definitely adds to the status of your brand but making use of specific colors or revolving around just one will result in your design being monotonous. Monotony is boring when it comes to logos (being specific) as it is directly proportional to how it represents your brand and its products. It all boils down to how and what you want the target audience to remember about you, your company & your products.

5.Bad font-

Many logo designers in Mumbai are of the belief that a logo fails even due to bad font choice. Even though many designers do not take this aspect seriously or worse, they try to overdo it by using different fonts to seem sophisticated. It always backfires.