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5 tips to improve your existing logo

Updating a logo is usually not something that small businesses do due to the fear of losing existing clients or alienating potential ones. But evolving a logo as your business evolves is the most important aspect of a company. When a brand evolves correctly with a company, it shows awareness and pride in your company and even helps in its promotion.

You must be having a good enough logo and your company also must be doing comparatively well but there are many ways you can spruce up your logo design, like:

1.Fashioning it with simplicity-

In today’s time, minimalism is a huge trend look wise and it also makes a lot of sense. The minimalism quotient also works very well as it proves to be less confusing to the audience who, with no fault of their own, have a short attention span. So striping down a logo grabs & sustains the attention of existing clients and potential customers.

2.Exiting your font comfort zone-

Changing or tweaking the font is another way of improving your existing logo. It’s normally done when you like everything about the logo but still want to play with it a little but nothing elaborate. Picking a new and fresh font for your logo is a great way to make the two new worlds meet. You will see a lot of the logo designers in Mumbai playing victoriously with the font when they revamp logos.

3.Tweaking the colours-

Choosing the right colours for anything can lead you to success. Colours depict emotions & trigger feelings for example blue stands for coolness & calmness, red for anger or excitement etc. The level of dramatic designing can be judged by what colours are used in a particular logo. Sometimes even a tiny change in the saturation levels can also do the trick.

4.Focusing on product centric-

Some companies have logos that have too much going about & are way too busy while there are others that are too simplistic. Although being simplistic takes your company a long way; it does not work for every company. Many designers sometimes go for a neat and clean logo with some real nice typography and that’s enough to do wonders for the company but there are certain companies & products that need a little bit of excitement to keep the customers hooked.

5.Giving it breathing space-

Spacing out your logo is as important as any other aspect of logo designing; especially if you are using both wordmark & icon. Create & improve the logo in such a way that it looks less crowded and breathable. Logo designers in Mumbai avoid overlapping logos with texts unless it’s absolutely necessary and they are sure it will be readable & will not make the logo look too messy. Letting your logo breathe also helps when you have to scale down your logo to even 1 inch small, which is a necessity in today’s world.

Along with keeping all these elements in your mind while redesigning the logo; make sure you also keep a few branding elements in the loop.

  • Brand tone of voice
  • Colours & typography
  • Social media graphics
  • Stationery designs
  • Patterns & graphics