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How to amalgamate creativity with brand message in your company logo?

As we all probably know, a good logo needs to be innovative, practical and most importantly- appropriate. It should stand true to its creativity quotient and convey the business’s intended message effectually keeping in mind the philosophies & values of a business. All the dedicated logo designers in Mumbai are capable of constructing a compelling logo by following these five helpful principles: 


Showcasing simplicity in your logo is directly proportionate to how easily recognizable and versatile it is. Such logos depict uniqueness without being “overdrawn.” In this example, the “g” is designed in such a way that it beautifully meshes into spectacles. Customers are of the belief that the roundness of the font also adds perfection to the glamour of the logo.


Memorability and uniqueness are desirable and certainly play a significant role in spicing up the profiles of logo designers in Mumbai. The only mandate in the design and fashioning of logos is that they be distinctive and portray clarity just like this logo for Pepsi.


Trends come and go but longevity is the key where your brand identity is concerned. Don’t be mundane and follow the pack rather; focus on standing out and creating a timeless logo. A superb and authentic example of this is the “Disney” logo that has been flourishing with the same zest for many decades.


The versatility of a logo is best seen and judged by first designing it in black & white. This pushes the designer to focus more on the concept and shape rather than the colour which is secondary. This also helps designers make the logo unruly. The “Lacoste” logo is simple, serene but at the same time showcases the essence of the brand.


A logo becomes appropriate enough to do its job only when the target audience has been properly conditioned. The “positioning” of a logo can do wonders for your business if it is taken proper advantage of. The perfection in the placing and positioning of the “bowling shoe” logo is an art that the logo designers in Mumbai specialize in.

Once you have mastered all the principles; the next step is how to determine what that one crystal clear message should be. “Triangulating” is the key. Designers look for the intersection of three perspectives to identify what the “brand message” should be:

  • Customer perspective
  • Internal perspective
  • Marketplace perspective