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Five reasons why businesses with bland logos fail to create an impression

Never underestimate the importance of a good logo; it is capable of making or breaking your business. The same can be said for a bad logo.  A logo, along with the company name, is the first impression customers will get about you. Logo designers in Mumbai strive to come up with successful logos but a lot of them don’t get it right. Some common mistakes that are committed while designing a logo include:

1.Designs that are too simple or too complex-

Simple logos are serene and memorable but the times are changing and so are the logo requirements. In today’s world logos succeed if they are conceptual and possess uniqueness. Abstract logos are a good thing but using too complex a logo for your brand backfires.

2.Opting for cheap websites-

Businesses, especially small, consider opting for online websites and DIY logos in order to save money. This never works as you get what you pay for; the quality suffers a great deal and it eventually proves to be expensive in the long run. If entrepreneurs do not know anything, they should consider hiring professional logo designers in Mumbai to get a good job done.

3.Bad quality imagery-

Image quality is of utmost importance as the logos are used everywhere from printing to web and in different sizes. Logo designers in Mumbai always make sure to use high-quality images and software such as CorelDraw & Illustrator.

4.Non-self-explanatory logos-

 Whenever you are designing a logo, always keep in mind never to go over the top because doing that is easy. Businesses feel that having a complex or “over the top” logo works in the favor of the brand and attracts customers while it has a completely opposite effect. This is why we see logo designers in Mumbai working towards being simplistic.

5.Too much information-

Sometimes we come across logos which are stuffed with taglines, innumerable words and a lot of information. This does not work for the brand as it bores the customers and drives them away. Any logo loses its charm when it’s not successful at the first glance and logo designers in Mumbai understand this very well.Poor quality logos are produced because of a lack of research and lethargic designers. This is why you should consider getting your work done from logo designers in Mumbai as they are zestful about serving you the best.

Some common mistakes that are committed which make poor logos are:

  • Going with trends & fads
  • Getting over-inspired by others
  • Under researching