How to know it’s almost the time you upgrade your company logo?

Logos are almost never the key reason customers choose a product but are vital in identifying the product or brand. There are fewer people who realize that marketing and branding are a crucial part of a business. The logo designers in Mumbai dedicate all their attention in creating solid logos which urge people to give you a try. But why does it happen that eventually they get outdated and lose their charm? Here are some tips to know when it’s time for a makeover:

1.The focus of your company has changed-

It is possible that the focus of your company has changed over time or overnight and has made your logo outdated. In such a scenario, the logo needs to be updated in a way that it encapsulates every change that your company has gone through.

2.Modern marketing compatible-

The face of marketing is changing by leaps and bounds from newspaper clippings to social media ads. You will see the logo designers in Mumbai coming up with logos that are more suitable for all kinds of platforms. It is important that your logo is compatible with both smartphones as well as desktops and conveys a straightforward message at the first glance.

3.The design is too complex-

Many businesses make the mistake of overdesigning their logos in order to stand out, but such logos do not work. You need to have a simplistic approach to gain clients. Logo designers in Mumbai excel at this. A simplistic logo is memorable and stays in the customer’s mind for a longer time. It is also easily associable with the brand.

4.The merger of companies-

The change in a logo or its design is inevitable if the companies have merged because it completely changes the way people look at your company now. When the merger of companies takes place, fashioning a relevant and balanced logo is something that the logo designers in Mumbai have accomplished successfully.

5.Outdated logo design-

Because your logo is the visual representation of your business and everything it stands for, it is necessary to keep a check on it every few months to avoid letting it get outdated. You must keep in mind that your design communicates every aspect that your business wants to put forth without it being confusing to the customers. Once it starts getting confusing or you see your customers lose interest; it is time to update your logo.